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Ultimate Reflex Ball Set - 4 React Reflex Ball plus 2 Adjustable Headband, Great for Reflex, Timing, Accuracy, Focus and Hand Eye Coordination Training for Boxing, MMA and Krav Mega

Ultimate Reflex Ball Set - 4 React Reflex Ball plus 2 Adjustable Headband, Great for Reflex, Timing, Accuracy, Focus and Hand Eye Coordination Training for Boxing, MMA and Krav Mega

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  • Faux Leather
  • UPGRADED VERSION - Based on the valuable feedback from customers, we improved the product and now we are proud to introduce YMX BOXING V2.0 Reflex Ball to you. The new version contains 2 comfortable headbands and 2 Primary training balls that allows 2 person compete each other, and provides 2 higher level balls for advanced training
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Kids age 8+ and elders age up to 70+ are enjoying this competitive fun game, everyone are trying to beat each other by counting more consecutive punches
  • GREAT WORKOUT WITHOUT NOTICING - Reflex Balls are the new yo-yo for people that enjoy fun activities while getting exercise on the side! The fun factor and mellow learning curve are surprisingly addictive, the time fly by and you don’t realize how much you’ve been training
  • THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE REACTION TIME & HAND-EYE COORDINATION! – It might not going to improve your punching or boxing technique, but it will definitely improve your reaction time and hand-eye coordination while providing a fun warm-up exercise
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE - We specifically designed 4 balls and the PRIMARY one is a very basic level for beginners easy to get the hang of, it doesn’t require boxing gloves as the balls are very light and soft and does not hurt even if it hit in the face

Product Description

YMX BOXING Reflex Ball/hand eye coordination training ball

Boxing reflex ball started as a boxer training equipment for hand-eye coordination, which is very simple, a tennis ball attached to an elastic rope, then hung his head, but very interesting. It came to be more and more people discovering its benefits and use it. However, tennis is relatively heavy and hard, very difficult for non-professionals to use. In order to adapt the boxing ball to more people, YMX BOXING has undergone a lot of tests and selected lighter and softer foam balls, equipped these balls with different elastic ropes to adapt to different stages of training

In life, exercise requires hands and eyes to work together to complete a large number of instructions issued by the brain. Come and train them to make your life better!

Happiness must be shared with family and friends!

YMX BOXING Reflex Ball - The headband is made of high-quality materials. It is not only elastic but can also be adjusted with Velcro so that it fits more head shapes and is more comfortable to wear on the head.

Each set contains two headbands and two primary balls. Now you can invite your family and friends to train together, PK! :)



PRIMARY BALL has the same weight as the red ball and is a little softer than the red ball, but with different elastic cords. The ball will bounce back a bit slower than the red ball. Suitable for beginners.


ADVANCEO BALL weighs about 25 grams and is equipped with a white elastic cord. The rebound speed is a bit faster than the PRIMARY BALL. Suitable for training in the second stage of training.


The PROFESSIONAL BALL weighs about 35 grams, which is about the same as the rebound speed of the red ball. As the ball is heavier, it must be used in the third stage of training.

What should I do if the spare rope is worn out?

Don't worry, each YMX BOXING ball has holes in the center and can easily complete the replacement of the spare rope without the need for any tools.

Each ball is equipped with a dedicated spare rope to replace, doubling the life of the appliance.

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